Summary of 2005 New Products

Summary of 2005 New Products

March 28, 2006 at 12:00 AM EST

New stand-alone inverter from SMA
In June, SMA Regelsysteme GmbH will introduce its second battery inverter, the Sunny Island 4500.

Sputnik inverter with internal master-slave principle
In May, Sputnik Engineering AG will introduce its most powerful inverter for lower power ranges. As the name indicates, the new Solar Max 6000 device has a nominal input power of 6,000 W. The power output is 5 kW.
SMA's second inverter for multiple strings
One year after the introduction of its first inverter for several module strings, the German company SMA Regelsysteme GmbH will present a smaller version of its transformerless device, the Sunny Boy Multistring 5000, in June.

New Draka solar cables
In January, the Dutch cable manufacturer Draka Kabel BV introduced its first solar cables. Mass production is slated to begin in March. While Draka's two new DC cables connect solar modules with inverters, they also offer two AC cables that connect inverters to the grid. All cables are ozone- and UV-protected, and halogen- and lead-free.
New charge controller from MSTE
MSTE Meyer Solar Technologie introduced its MPT500 charge controller last September. An additional version known as the MPT1000 followed in December. The MPT500 is available for batteries of 12, 24, 36, and 48 V. The 48 V version is suitable for a system power of up to 700 W; the smaller version is intended for use at up to 500 W.

Off-grid PV pump from Solar-Fabrik
Solar-Fabrik of Freiburg, Germany has developed an off-grid system with water pump and micro filters.

OutBack's stand-alone inverters with integrated battery chargers
In October, the US manufacturer OutBack Power Systems introduced two stand-alone inverters with integrated battery chargers to the North American market.

Endeas Oy's new cell tester
Finnish company Endeas Oy presented its new cell tester and pre-lamination solar simulator at their stand at the PV in Europe conference in Rome in October.

New charge controller for small applications from Steca
Steca, a leading manufacturer of charge controllers, has developed a new device with a 5 A maximum charge and load current.

Inverters for hybrid systems from Sun Power
This autumn, Sun Power Solartechnik GmbH of Bad Vilbel, Germany, plans to introduce five new on-grid inverters for hybrid systems in their PV Up series with integrated battery chargers.

Automated wafer handling system from Manz
Manz Automation AG is presenting its automated system for wafer handling in at the PV in Europe Conference in Rome in early October.

Low-pressure diffusion furnaces from Semco
After Semco Engineering S.A. has been building diffusion furnaces for the semiconductor industry for over 15 years, it recently began sales of a tube type furnace model to the PV industry

OTB's new tabber and stringer
OTB Engineering B.V., based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, introduces its new tabber TABx and MATx stringer at the PV exhibition in Rome in October.

Flexible water pump system from Grundfos
Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos Management A/S is currently introducing its new solar pump system worldwide. Whereas the US was among the first countries to see the new SQ Flex in February, the pump will hit the last target markets Australia and New Zealand by October.

Module-integrated inverter from NKF
NKF Electronics, based in Gouda, the Netherlands, has rescheduled the sales launch for its new OK5-LV on-grid inverter for September.

New charge controller for very small applications from Steca
The latest charge controller model from Steca GmbH of Memmingen, Germany, is also their smallest. With a maximum load current of 3 A at 50 °C, the PR0303 is suited for use with solar modules below power ratings of 50 W, making it ideal for solar home systems or small telecommunication systems.

Cable manufacturer Lapp enters the PV industry
The German cable manufacturer U.I. Lapp has joined the PV business: In July, the Stuttgart-based company has begun offering its new cable especially designed for use with PV systems.

New Kyocera modules for Europe, Africa and Middle East
Starting in June, Japan's No. 2 module manufacturer, Kyocera, will offer three new modules with power ratings between 125 and 167 W.

Most powerful module from Helios
The Italian company Helios began sales of its most powerful solar module in April.

Dorfmüller's inverter for 700 W systems
In May, Dorfmüller Solaranlagen GmbH of Kernen, Germany, near the city of Stuttgart, will introduce its new inverter.

Sunny Boy 2100 TL to replace Sunny Boy 2000
At the annual German PV industry meeting in Staffelstein, SMA Regelsysteme GmbH presented the Sunny Boy 2100 TL, a transformerless device with a hefty European efficiency of 95.2 percent and a nominal power of 1.9 kW. It is slated to replace the Sunny Boy 2000, which has a nominal power 100 W less – though that was not apparently the primary reason for its replacement.

SMA's inverters for indoor use
In May, SMA Regelsysteme GmbH begins selling its Sunny Boy 2800i inverter, which was recently introduced at the PV symposium in Staffelstein, Germany.

Iowa Thin Film Technologies launches solar-powered electronics devices
Iowa Thin Film Technologies (ITFT) is launching a full line of solar-powered consumer electronics products under the brand name Soltronix. A headphone radio, brought out in early 2002, will be joined in June by a pocket radio, followed by a CD player and MP3/CD player in July.

Deger Energie's new tracking system
Deger Energie, located in the German city of Horb am Neckar, presented a reconfigured and export-ready version of its 1997 Sol-Traker tracking system at the Middle East Electricity fair in Dubai in February.

Conergy Electronics' wireless system check
SunCheck is the name of Conergy Electronics GmbH's new measurement and documentation system, which was developed to facilitate accurate installation and quality documentation among PV system integrators.